FID Split type Fixed Seat of Center Differential FOR LOSI 5IVE-T
Comparing to the 2013 version, some considerable improvements have been done  to the FID Split type Center Differential 2014 – the brand new appearance design and the positioning design.
The Split type Center Differential  equipped 4 bearing steel brakes set pins (already assembled before delivery ). The team work of the brakes set pins and the locknuts will adjust your RC brakes all the time to make sure it is at the best state always, and it’s  practical  and also very easy and convenient to adjust.
Meanwhile we also chose the bearing pin as the set pin, it was changed from the previous 3MM to the new 4MM.
The mounting clearance between the gears has been effectively and strictly handled to ensure the gap between the main drive gear and Differential is 0.1mm.
The screws, nuts and gaskets  and all the needed parts for installing will be equipped with the products.
the veido about adjusting  gap between pinion gears and the original main gear